lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Maria doesn't normally walk to school.
Maria is always at school till 2:30.
Maria doesn't normaly have lunch at school.
Maria is oftens study in the afternoon.
Maria go to the gym twice a week.
Maria doesn't see her friends on weekdays.
Maria doesn't usually stay up till late.

The students are playing basketball.
Paolo is waiting for the bus.
Our time is wining.
Susana doesn't watching TV, she reading.
We are have a greating time.
Tom is ironing.
Sandra doesn't talking to her dad.

Please, sit down and open your books.
Goes to page 22, read the text but don't answer the questions yet.
Now, switch in your computers but don't start working yet.
First, look al the words on the blackboard, try to guess their
meaning but don't translate them into Spanish.

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